Bushou (武松) is one of the new characters introduced to Majikoi! A-4 as a fellow member of Ryouzanpaku. She is also one of the alternate heroines or love interests of Yamato Naoe in Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai! A-4.


Bushou has scarlet hair tied in a low end ponytail and has red eyes. She wears a Chinese battle outfit that suits her style


Her personality is the same as her looks, she is very calm and cold, stating herself that she is not good with conversing. However, when fighting she reveals a great zeal and fighting spirit. She is very smart and has seen through Aoi Touma's terrible character. She is very fond of Kousonshou, to the point of being too overprotective and willing to engage Musashi Kosugi in combat for making her cry. Additionally, she also has an extreme love for sweets and has been seen to be swain by them very easily (Kousonshou stated that should you put sweets on a boar, she will go hunt it for the sweets). Although she would accept sweets from probably anyone, to get her to actually return the favor is not something that can be easily achieved as stated by Youshi. She seems to have a affinity for Yamato, during Ryouzanpaku's first meeting to determine if Yamato has the qualities they are looking for she says she's instinctively drawn to him.

Story(Majikoi! A-4)

A person in succession to a Ten wound star. Because there is little number of persons, give a cool impression, but in fact, considerable fiery zeal. The ability is a flame errand, too. When this shows fiery zeal, accept it in Takematsu fiery zeal.The skill in martial arts is considerable too, and fight without an allowance. A soldier in disfavor with compromise and a calculation.Therefore the words are sometimes biting, but go by oneself plain than I use strange naopekkao.

Because she is the person who can fight in Ryouzanpaku liking use of the weapons barehanded, be good and, at time when the guard crawls into the severe place, be chosen.

Abilities and Skills

Her strength is "Over the wall" being able to defeat the top Kawakami monks (Tesshin and Lu not included), Kazuko and after that making Momoyo go serious using (Star Destroyer) without being taken out. She is assumed to be stronger than Rinchuu, since she is in charge of accepting challenge from Kawakami while the others are forbidden from fighting them, (Although it might just be their mission role, and she's just fulfilling her role of finding out Kawakami strength). She is strong enough that no one in 2-S wants to challenge her although only because Margit was away helping Chris.

Special Ability: Her special ability involves her being able to ignite fire from her body and being able to control it at her will (Just think of Portgas D Ace from One Piece except without being able to turn your body into flame itself, although able to ignite flame from it.)