Chousokabe Muneo (長宗我部 宗男) is one of the "10 Warriors of the West" of Tenjin Academy.


Chosokabe has blond hair styled into a mohawk and has pupil-less eyes. He has dark skin and very muscular , always seen shirtless


He seems to be really hotblooded person. Like his leader he seems more often to look down on his fellow "ten warriors of the west". Altough he often looks down on people, he will give his respect to those who can match his brute strength.

During Majikoi S Koyuki route he is shown to be a person who really cares about this business in Skikoku. Going so far as to betray the "ten warriors of the west" to achieve that.

Abilities and Skills

He has the strength to be crowns the "King of Shikoku". He has enough strength to match Gakuto is grappling. His primary style is "Oil wrestling".



  • He has the same voice actor as Franky from One piece.