Claudio Nero (クラウディオ・ネエロ) is a butler of the Kuki family. He is ranked #3 for servants between the maids and butlers of the Kuki group. He is known as the "Perfect Butler" among the Kuki butlers.He is close friends with Hume


Claudio has blue eyes and wears glasses, has white hair combed to the left with a moustache.He is always wearing his butler uniform


Claudio is considered the perfect butler among the servants.He is considered perfect in most aspects as a butler, composure, support, tact, and especially combat. Claudio never gets upset, so when he’s angered on Lee’s behalf even Momoyo is taken aback. He immediately heads out, tracks down the Centipede and begins shredding the surroundings.

Abilities and Skills

As a first digit ranked butler among the Kuki Servants he has the best manners,household abilities and his ability to support his masters, that's why he is known as the Perfect Butler. His main weapon are strings or Razor Floss, he can virtually do anything with his strings. He can use them as main weapons, traps ,a way of detection and even as a safe net. His techniques with the string are known for their flexibility and strength that can even hold down an over 60 meter Cookie 108 for a couple of minutes and it even gave Azumi Oshitari ranked 1 servant a hard time before Kuki Ageha intervened. Despite his old age he is physically fit as shown when he followed Kuki Monshiro and Naoe Yamato during their "date" while following a train and can even possibly faster than that. He can also use a knife as a secondary weapon