Hisanobu Matsunaga Gallery Sprites

Matsunaga Hisanobu (松永 久信) is one of the new characters introduced in the sequel Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! S. He has a daughter named Tsubame and a wife named Misago who has left him due to him previously having a large debt and being jobless. Even though he is revealed to be a lousy father his wife still calls him ,but she mostly talks with her daughter. As revealed in the trial version of Majikoi! S, he is being hired by Kuki so all his debt has being cleared and he has a job now. He now hopes that his wife will come back to him and like Tsubame he also wishes to be a real family again like they were previously.


Hisanobu is a man of average height with a pale skin, short black hair and black eyes. He is mostly seen with with jacket over his uniform. He often wear goggles over his head. The first time Yamato saw(as shown in Majikoi S)him, he wasn't sure if he was Tsubame's father of brother indicating that he might be younger than he looks.



He is not much of a fighter himself, but he is really skilled in inventing weapons and stuff. A  example of his inventions are Hiragumo( "Tsubame's ultimate weapon") and some other unnamed inventions he sell to Kuki.


  • In Majikoi! S, it has been revealed that when he is drunk ,he always worries about his family situation.
  • He is also often a comic relief during the whole novel, a few examples:

    - During Tsubame's route when he was drunk, he commented on Momoyo's big breast causing a reaction for Tsubame to hit him with a hard body blow.

    - His own daughter is always really harsh on him, even though she cares about him to a degree.

    - He ruined a supposed date between Kojima-Sensei and Beard-Sensei.

    - He fell for a trap after being lured by a woman who was actually Hachiya in disguise

    - Also during Tsubame's route when he had to invent something to help Tsubame fight against Momoyo, he immediately gave up after he saw her battle stats. Falling asleep since he felt it was impossible to defeat someone like her.