Ishida Saburou (石田 三郎) is one of the "10 Warriors of the West" of Tenjin Academy. He is also the successor to a Ishida steel which is a competitor for the Kuki corporation. He is the general of the Ten warriors of the west


He has smooth black hair and emerald-colored eyes. He is wearing his uniform with a white belt with a red dragon mark .Like Yukie and Yoshitsune he is also seen carrying his katana .


Saburou has a personal trait "Ore" of addressing himself to his adversaries and being honorable when facing them in battle. He is arrogant and has a superiority complex, looking down on everyone and belittling them unless they have beaten him in battle. He looks down on women due to their appearance

Abilities and Skills

Being someone who has the blood of warriors flowing in his veins he is quite strong. He has the ability to use "Dragon Awakening" which boosts his power. However even with the boost he isn't strong enough to hold his own against the likes of Yoshitsune or Benkei.

Expert Swordmanship: He is skilled enough to use his sword with expertise and even fight with Chris for a few minutes. He even knows enough if someone is an amateur like during the Eastern - Western War when Yamato was in a stance he could easily tell that he didn't know martial arts

Awakening of the Light Dragon: Ishida is wrapped with an aura of light and his hair is pointed upwards and changed to gold. In this state his strength and speed are increased but it decreases his lifespan



  • His Awakening of the Light dragon is a reference to Dragon ball's Super Saiyan form

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