Itagaki Ami (板垣 亜巳) is the eldest daughter of the Itagaki Siblings who was trained under Gyobu Shakadou and worked as hired mercenaries/smugglers to perform crimes in order to earn easy money by smuggling weapons in anime episodes. She first appeared in the original Majikoi! Visual Novel in the common route and story route. She is a true sadist while her occupation is a mistress/queen in a BDSM club.


Ami is seen with short purple hair and very white skin. also she always has her lips painted and always wear a sadistic expression. she always wear the black and white clothes of the Itagaki Siblings.


Ami is a very sadistic person and her business are always around that, making money working with people that likes to be sexually tortured in a BDSM club; she looks at them as "pigs".

During Tsubame's route, she was able to tame Cookie and awake in him his hidden side.

Abilities and Skills