Kousonshou is one of the new characters introduced to Majikoi! A-4 as a fellow member of Ryouzanpaku. She is also one of the heroines or love interests for Naoe Yamato in Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai! A-4.



Kousonshou is a girl who does things on her own pace. She usually proclaim herself as a genius, although there might be some truth to it besides her special ability where she claims that it's an Ultra rare ability. She is one of the members in the Lazy club and likes the word 'Slow life'. She likes potato chips, cup ramen, cola and games. It's been stated that she's a neet by Youshi and Shishin due to her lazy lifestyle of playing games and watching anime. She is also honest and true to herself in various ways.

Story (Majikoi! A-4)

A person in succession to a Ten wound star. Even Ryouzampaku has extremely special exceptional talent. If satanophany is the thing which I do it and handle and passes through a ceremony, a partner can handle even an away far-off partner.

That the person himself always thinks about how take its ease while having the skill outstanding in this way; is dull; Shinnyu member of the part expectation.

The plain "youngest child" character who I am said to be great talent, and is conceited because it is the thing which everybody indulges in Sara. Be close to Takematsu in particular.

Abilities and Skills

Kousonshou herself isn't that strong and cried when Musashi Kosugi hurt her with just a punch. Although it seems the punch wasn't strong enough to send her to the hospital or anything since it didn't leave any impact on her later on. Despite that, she can actually fight as seen in Koyuki route where she could beat Nabeshima with Lu's body which could indicate that she does have experience herself. Her ability doesn't seem to have any limit, whether it's an "Over the wall" strength or not, as long as the condition is fulfilled as seen with Lu and Inoue Jun.

Special Ability: Her special ability is "Possess" and can possess anything with a form even a teddy bear. It seems she can even possess even though the she isn't present herself as long as the subject of possesion is in range as seen when in "Koyuki route" where she possess Lu without being there. This ability is ultra rare and can't be copied,In Maji koi A-4 she was sent on the mission to protect Yamato only because of her ability despite herself being weak.



  • She is stated by Monshiro to be someone like Zhuge Liang although the 1-S classmates doesn't seem to see her as one.

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