Kumagai Mitsuru (熊飼 満) is a character introduced in Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai ! and is a student in Kawakami Academy. He is known as a gourmet and will always be relied on as the person who can recommend the the most delicious and best quality food he knows



Mitsuru is a food-loving maniac. He is quite docile and hotblooded around his classmates. He is considerate to others and will always offer food for others for the sake of their happiness. He tends to be frantic when he doesn't eat and would be willing to eat anything he can consider edible, even people although he'd just bite them and nothing extreme.

Abilities and Skills

Despite his physique he is not a fighter and is usually the person who would stop a fight rather than start it.He is immune to some attacks due to his body even deflecting some himts from some people like Kazuko and Gakuto, not even hurting him He is usally seen supporting his allies rather than fight himself providing food for the health of his friends, When he is famished he goes berserk and attacks everyone and can only go down when he is ganged up upon or he is fed