Kyojin Usami (宇佐美 巨人)


Kyojin Usami

Age: 35

Species: Human
Blood Type: O
Birthday: September 6

Height: 179 cm (5'10")

Place of Origin: Japan
Occupation: 2-S Homeroom Teacher

{C}Kyojin Usami (宇佐美 巨人) is a fictional character in Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai! He is the homeroom teacher of class 2-S, and has a crush on Umeko-Sensei.

Kyojin Usami (宇佐美 巨人) is the Homeroom Teacher of class 2-S. The students call him Beard-Sensei, and is 35 years old.

Kyojin was an orphan who was raised on the street because the orphanage in where he lived was shut down. He passed his youth going from fight to fight. Even though he tries to hide his strength from others, he couldn't deceive the eyes of Tesshin Kawakami, the principal of Kawakami Academy.

He is the foster father of Tadakatsu Minamoto because Tadakatsu resembles him when he was young. Even though neither of them try to demonstrate it, both care greatly for each other. Kyojin has a small company who do whatever type of "odds" jobs, he intend to leave the company to Tadakatsu.

He has a crush on Umeko Kojima. Even though he is older than her, he thinks both of them will make a great couple, but Umeko doesn't share his way of thinking, and almost all of his attempts to make her fall in love with him ends in a complete failure. Despite this, he still doesn't give up.

Kyojin is always complaining that he doesn't have money, and when he can, makes other treat him to lunch. In reality, Kyojin spends most of his money helping other orphanages stay open. Umeko has said that he has some kind of sadness that has happened in his past, which Kyojin has hinted to, but he keeps it to himself.


Kyojin has blue eyes, gray hair, and a well-kept beard, which is why his students call him Beard-Sensei. He also has tan skin.



  • His given name, Kyojin, means "giant".