Lisa Brinker (リサ ブリンカー) is one of the alternate heroines in Majikoi: A-5. She is a member of the Hound Unit under command of Margit Eberbach.


Lisa comes from the poverty stricken slums of Hamburg. She had several hardship throughout her childhood, causing her character to develop slowly. She eventually was able to work her way out of the poverty lifestyle and would join the military.

At some point she joined the hound force and was well known for her ninja and spying abilities.


Lisa has a sexy slender build with white hair tied into a ponytail and she has amber eyes. she has a red ribbon tied around her neck which has a length that longer than her hair.

Her ninja uniform is a tight one piece body suit that exposes much of her chest and her stomach. She carries her equipment on her belt. She is almost always seen with a lollipop on her mouth.


She enjoys sweet things and is constantly seen with a lollipop in her mouth. She enjoys indulging in wine drinking.

Abilities and Skills

Lisa is skilled in ninjutsu and stealth. Her abilities have allowed her to enter enemy territory in secret, and to relay reliable intelligence successfully, earning her the nicknames 'Western Ninja' and 'European Ninja'.

Lisa's weapon of choice is a pair of spiked sided daggers. She has a powerful sense of smell that alerts her to danger.


Margit and Lisa have a positive relationship as friends and comrades. Lisa is an operative serving as a member of Hound Squad, a special forces group commanded by Margit.