Lu Shihandai (ルー師範代) is a PE Teacher and martial artist at Kawakami Academy. He is also the assistant master in Kawakami Temple , assisting Tesshin in his duties


Despite looking around late 20's, he's actually 43 years old, probably because of Martial arts. He is usually seen with his eyes close most of the time even when displeased. The only time he ever opens his eyes is when he try to announce something in a loud voice (like thinking of a name for a ultimate technique) and when fighting. His pupils appear to be white.

In Maji koi S after getting his own sprite in the new game, at some point Tsubame asked why was he always in a weird post and Momoyo answered that it made it easier to gather energy


He is a very kind person and is liked by the people of the Kawakami city. Although he's kind, he appears to be strict in training and will thoroughly carry out his duty. He is the light in Kawakami Temple while Shakudou is the darkness of it. He seems to not get along with women and sake well, that's why he is probably a virgin. He is a hard worker and honest also like to write things in a note.

Abilities and Skills

He is the Kawakami Temple Assistant Instructor and is incredibly powerful being a "Over the wall" in strength. He is strong enough to fight on equal grounds with Rinchuu who is also an "Over the wall" strength herself, Youshi and Shishin. Kiriyama Koi has stated that he would rank #4 in combat, if he was in Kuki.


Even 40 years later Luu is still active as a teacher and instructor at the Kawakami Temple.

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