Luo Haou is the alternate identity of Seiso Hazakura and is a clone of the "Kouu (Xiang Yu)” who was a powerful Chinese Military Leader. (If you’re actually interested, you can read more about him here )  She refers to herself as Haou which is translated as in "supreme ruler". Seiso transforms into her alter-ego when she learns from who she is cloned from that is why Kuki wanted her to learn her identity when she became 25 so she has the knowledge to deal with her true persona and being a true leader. In Koyuki's route Marple awakened her earlier because of her plan. During her own route the Kazama Family unintentionally awaken her after looking up from who she is from, because Seiso's requested the family to find, who she is cloned from. After her awakening Seiso and Haou can freely switch between each others personality and appearance. The two persona also don't seem to have a bad relationship with each other. Because Haou does read(although she likes manga the best and falls in sleep from reading novels) and water flowers because of Seiso's needs and influence, but on the other side Seiso also helps Haou when she needs it as seen during her own route. Their relationship could be compared to good friends.