Mayuzumi Taisei (黛 大成) is the father of Mayuzumi Yukie and Mayuzumi Sayaka. He is the 11th generation Sword Saint and is considered to be a "Living treasure in Japan


Taisei has black wavy hair with spiky ends and a moustache as well as having black eyes.He is always seen wearing a Kamishimo-style grayish blue kimono with white snow like patterns around the end part of his sleeves up to a quarter of his arm and black hakama with two swords hung around his waists. It was worn by the samurai when in court and on formal occasions which reflects his position and his old traditional way of thinking


He has a stern personality and is said to have a old fashioned way of thinking. Yukie has stated he is very strict but kind. After gaining the title Sword Saint and being hailed as a "human treasure of Japan" he aspires to be more cultured dabbing in Haiku's. He also is no good with electronics to a comical degree. Cases such as catching a cold because he doesn't know how to control the thermostat in his hotel room, not knowing how to take a picture on a digital camera, and not knowing how to use a remote control to operate a television. As of result of his personality and electronic inadequacy he prefers to communicate with hand written letters instead of modern methods like E-Mail.

Abilities and Skills

Taisei is considered to be a master swordsman and is one of the best world, earning him the title Sword Saint Mayuzumi Taisei. During the original Majikoi VN in Yukie's route, he was the only one of the Prime Ministers selected fighters who managed to injure Shakadou. Also during Sayaka's he displayed a little of his speed, which is according to Yamato, too fast to follow with his eyes. However his actual skills have yet to be seen, but his strength is likely "Over the Wall".