Mogami Aki (最上旭) alternatively called Minamoto Yoshinaka is a new character introduced in Majikoi A-5 and is one of the alternate love interests. She is the Student Council Chairwoman that supports that school in the shadows. Aki is born for the purpose as a rival for Yoshitsune

Story (Majikoi! A-5) 

Mogami Yuusai who knew about Yoshitsune's plan, prepared secretly from the top management Minamoto Yoshinaka's (Kiso Yoshinaka) clone.

Raised in the recesses of a mountain, she moves to Kawakami after she grows up. She's the School Council Chairwoman that supports the school in the shadows.

Even though she learnt about her circumstances while still young, she hid it all in accordance to her father's instructions.

With the apparance of Yoshitsune in Kawakami, all the conditions to make her true identity known are met.

With her ability to thin her presence at will, She was able to not stand out even with excellent grade until now.

She loves her parents who raised her with care and affection.


Aki full body

Aki has very pale skin, black eyes and black hair at waist length. Like some characters in the series she also wears a unique Kawakami uniform, instead of the common blue patterns on her uniform, it is black instead, her vest and ribbon are all black, and lastly her skirt has dark and black patterns instead of blue and white. Like some of the characters she also carries her sword around her waist and is held by black and red ropes


She loves nature, and is no good with the tumult. She's often daydreaming while listening to the voices of the wind or trees.At first glance she seems calm and composed but in truth is rather bold.She is weak when it comes to machines. She loves her parents who raised her with care and affection

Abilities and Skills