Mogami Yuusai (最上 幽斎) is a new character introduced in Majikoi A-5. He is the father of Mogami Aki

Story (Majikoi! A-5)

Yuusai is at an important post in the Kuki group.

He is one of Kuki Mikado's favorites because he has a lot of mysteries about him and that's what is interesting about him.

Yamato's father has stated that he is a very capable man, but also insane. He warns Yamato that rather than getting involved with Yuusai, it would be better off getting involved with an intelligent villain.

He loves all the people of the world, wanting to give something back to those who have ben kind to him.

He creates a clone of Yoshinaka to serve as a rival to Minamoto Yoshitsune. According to his twisted logic, She needed a rival to reach her true potential.


  • He resembles So Jung Chan from The Breaker New Waves