Musashi Kosugi (武蔵 小杉) is a student in Kawakami Academy.

She has a sub route in the sequel Majikoi! S Visual Novel that can be unlocked after playing the tutorial for numerous times.

She is the last antagonist in Yukie's route when she was the one who spread the rumors on Iyo


Kosugi is a teenager of average height. She has a slim body all in a while having pale skin. She has ash colored hair with 2 ahoges


Kosugi is a girl who is confident about herself and her abilities. She is quite ambitious since she has the goal of eventually conquering all of Kawakami. She begins by challenging all the 1st years and becomes known as the strongest first year(Although Yukie doesn't bother with her). She can be quite the glory hog, wanting to garner attention with her proactiveness. However this usually backfires on her leading to failure or embarrassment.

She is not above using dirty methods to make her enemies weaker. For example using bad rumors to bring down Owada Iyo because of her reputation of being a cute girl in the 1st years. Pretending to get along with Yukie while in truth planning to get revenge on her. Spreading foul rumors about Miyako after she is defeated by her in the Archery club. On top of this she can be a goody-goody, but only pretending while truly having enmity towards Kuki Monshirou.

Abilities and Skills