Nabeshima Tadashi (鍋島 正) is the principal of Tenjin Academy and was one of Tesshin's pupil in the Kawakami Temple. In his younger days he was a part of the Four Devas


Nabeshima is good at looking after people, his specialty is to educate talented youths. The most important thing for him are his students. He is hospitable as shown in some routes and always gives service to people he has wronged no matter how little the circumstance

Really bad around small girls.

He loves his sake

Abilities and Skills

Being Kawakami Tesshin's star pupil he has the strength to match it. He is an "Over the Wall" master class martial artist. Though he is now concentrating on his student and hence is not as strong as he used to.

It was also noted he was a part of the "Big Four" during his younger days.

Ki Puppets: His special move, he can create white puppets powered with his ki and they're equipped with various weapons like swords,axes and chains to fight for him