Oomura Yoshitsugu (大村 ヨシツグ) is one of the "10 Warriors of the West" of Tenjin Academy and is considered their trump card . Even though he looks sick it is only a disguise in order to hide his identity


Oomura has hazel eyes and black hair tied in a ponytail past shoulder length and his bangs at his shoulders. He is wearing his uniform as well as using a black coat as a cape.He is seen to carry his laptop everywhere.


Since he has a weak constitution he is timid tends to faint if he overexerted himself in anything physical.He also evades any conflicts as he possibly can due to his secret, but he'd throw his secret away if he can save his friends. Examples of this is what he did with Takuya when they were confonted by thugs. And saving his leader almost before he almost got defeated by Chris. When he changes in his "battle form" his personality changes completly. Having the confidence to defeat most opponents. His personality becomes more calm and calculating. Also during his battle form he constantly has his guard up.

Abilities and Skills

Being a successor to a very old martial art he is very powerful to the point where he is far more powerful than the Samurai girls(Miyako, Chris, Kazuko minus Momoyo and Yukie) and all the other members of the Ten warriors of the west(even stronger than their leader). Nabeshima comments his strength is just before the wall. Prime example of his strength is that he is confident enough to challenge both Chris and Margit at the same time. Also he skilled enough to nearly defeat Margit(without eyepatch) if Yoichi didn't interfere with his arrows. He is also skilled with computers, able to hack into the Kamakami server mainframe.

Computer skills: He is knowledgable in compures because he was intersted in it as well as wanting to support his allies while in his disguise.He can hack into the Kawakami mainfraim although his skills are said to be on an amateur level

Elemental Attacks: His martial arts has the potential to imbue his attacks with elements like fire , explosions and ice. His specialty is lightning

Superhuman like reflexes and speed: During his fight against Margit he was able defend against full powered surprise arrow attacks from Yoichi while keep his attetion focused on his fight with Margit. Also his speed was great enough to nearly overwhelm Margits tonfa defense.


  • He and Kakashi Hatake from Naruto have a lot in common they share the same voice actor who is Kazuhiko Inoue both of them are powerful, have elemental attacks especially with lightning as well as both of them wear face masks