Oowada Iyo (大和田 伊予) is a character introduced in Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai ! .She is a student in Kawakami Academy in 1-C and she is friends with Yukie Mayuzumi.

She has a sub route in the sequel Majikoi! S Visual Novel.



She is your average and normal student who is nice and kind to everyone . She loves baseball to the point where she loses contol and becomes a different person who usually gets overheated in her passion. Her love for baseball is due to her parents sharing their love for baseball and even though her home team keeps on losing she never loses hope and cheers them on regardless. Yukie commentates that she's like a squirrel when she eats because she looks so happy that she closes her eyes and puffs her cheeks when she does.

Abilities and Skills

Despite being a student in Kawakami Academy, she doesn't know how to fight or rather avoids it. Her most known talent involves her fiery passion of cheering for her favorite baseball team to the point it's intimidation, although she just got her love from her parents after involving her a couple of times


  • In the the original VN she becomes friends with Yukie progressively in some routes and especially on her route but in Majikoi S they become friends in the new routes off screen
  • Her three sizes are 83, 58, 83 and is 158 cm tall.