Itagaki Ryuuhei (板垣 竜兵) is the eldest son of the Itagaki Siblings and Tatsuko's younger twin brother who was trained under Gyobu Shakadou and worked as hired mercenaries/smugglers to perform crimes in order to earn easy money by smuggling weapons in anime episodes. He first appeared in the original Majikoi! Visual Novel in the common route and story route.


Ryuuhei has black hair past shoulder length with sunglasses on top of his forehead and has pale skin with an unknown tatoo on his left arm


Ryuuhei is considered a beast. He is hard-headed, violent, and primal in his instincts as a fighter. He loves to go out and cause mayhem and chaos in his surroundings, and has no qualms about hurting someone to the point of near death.

He is also a homosexual who aggressively hits on men and rapes them on occasion. He can't hit women because unlike men he can't look forward to raping them afterwards

Abilities and Skills

He only relies on his fists when it comes to a fight, unlike his siblings who rely on martial arts and weapons he only relies on his raw strength. He is strong enough to to go on par with Gakuto for a while until Angel comes in and smashes Gakuto during their fight