Siegrun Kohlschreiber (ジークルーン・コールシュライバー) is one of the alternate heroines in Majikoi: A-5. She is a member of the Hound Unit under command of Margit Eberbach.



Siegrun has light pink and very long hair with a dark brown long bandage-like ornament. she has aqua eyes and her skin is white but slightly darker. she wears the hound uniform.


Siegrun is a kind and gentle girl who cares about everyone, even her own enemies to the point that she would even heal them without question. Due to her large size she was always ridiculed and isolated to the point where she's used to the negative feedback on her but she is quite emotional towards positive comments on her. She isn't very intelligent to the point where she was given simple directions and got lost pretty easily but she's not totally stupid though she was just affected by negatives to the point where she believed it

Abilities and Skills

Despite her appearance, she only has basic combat abilities and serves as the group's medic. She even uses her own size as a means of intimidation in order to suppress her enemies rather than hurt them due to her personality. She has a special power that can heal any injury that even Tesshin because they don't have a similar technique as part of their style, only Momoyo's instant recovery counts but only heals the user




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