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Tadakatsu Minamoto Gallery Sprites

Tadakatsu Minamoto (源 忠勝)




Species: Human
Blood Type: O
Birthday: January 30
Sign: Aquarius

Height: 178cm (5'10)

Place of Origin: Japan
Class: 2-F

{C}Tadakatsu Minamoto (源 忠勝) is a fictional character in Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai! Tadakasu usually tries to look serious and frightening, but in reality he is a really gentle person.

Tadakatsu Minamoto (源 忠勝) is a character introduced in Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! is a student in Kawakami Academy who resides in the Shimazu dorm, he is nicknamed "Gen-san" by his classmates, but Kazuko called him "Tacchan". He also works with his adopted father Usami Kyojin at the Usami Freelancing company


Having grown up in the same orphanage as Kazuko, Tadakatsu and Kazuko have known each other since they were kids and have been friends since then. Eventually both where adopted with Tadakatsu being adopted by Usami Kyojin, a teacher at Kawakami Academy and also the boss of a small "odds jobs" company which Tadakatsu is also an employee and future successor.

Tadakatsu enjoys his job and sometimes considers leaving school to focus on it, but is persuaded not to do it by Kazuko.


Tadakatsu has a very mean look but in reality he is a really nice person, but has trouble to express his feelings. He is considered to have a tsundere personality as he helps people while claiming he did so just so he wouldn't be annoyed anymore. He is also a skilled chef. He tends to receive cake as a token of appreciation for his jobs, which he tends to share with Yamato and the rest of the member of Shimazu dorms.


Tadakatsu has black eyes and smooth spiky black hair, he usually has scary face, since in reality he is shy a doesn't know too well how to deal with other people, Tadakatsu has little dark skin.

Yamato and Capt usually take advantage of Tadakatsu good nature, to make him cook something for them, Tadakatsu says he is only cooking because he was hungry.

He has a secret affection towards Kazuko since they where kids, which is made evident by the way he looks out for her and the way he treats her nicely compared to everyone else. This puts him in an odds position with Kuki Hideo who also has feelings for Kazuko. This is further proved when going through Kazuko's route, where he confesses his love for her (With Yamato and Kuki Hideo still nearby).


Tadakatsu continues to work for his foster father's company. He eventually marries and has children, which means he has let go of any feelings for Kawakami Kazuko.

Tadakatsu Minamoto Sketches

Tadakatsu Minamoto sketches.


  • In the Agave route of the Majikoi! series, Tadakatsu eventually becomes the tenth member of the Kazama Family.
  • He is one of the member of the "Elegante Quatro", the group is consisted of the four most handsome guys in the Academy.
  • In a recent popularity poll on Minatosoft's website, of the current male characters in the series, Tadakatsu is ranked #2 behind Naoe Yamato (#1). He was also ranked #2 in the original Majikoi! popularity poll for the male characters.

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