Itagaki Tatsuko (板垣辰子)



Species: Human
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: August 27 (Virgo)

Height: 178 cm (5'10")

Measures: B89-W59-H89
Place of Origin: Japan
Class: N/A
Weaponry: Bus Pole
Awaken Power
Residence: Kawakami Temple
Hobby: Sleeping
Special Skill: Easily asleep even when sitting down or stand up.
Problem: Activities other than sleeping
Favorite Food: Melon
Favorite Drink: Melon Soda
Treasured things: Her family
Respectable people: Ami Itagaki

{C}Tatsuko Itagaki (板垣辰子) is a fictional character in Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai! She is the middle daughter of in the Itagaki Siblings who was trained under Shakadou Gyobu, the former Assistant Master who was banished from Kawakami Temple.

Itagaki Tatsuko (板垣辰子) is an anti-heroine (Female antagonist in the anime) in Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai! She is the second daughter of the Itagaki Siblings who was trained under Gyobu Shakadou and worked as hired mercenaries/smugglers to perform crimes in order to earn easy money by smuggling weapons in anime episodes. She first appeared in the original Majikoi! Visual Novel in the common route and story route.

She is one of the new heroines with her own route in Majikoi! S.


Little is known about her when you originally meet her in the Common Route of the original Majikoi! Visual Novel. However, she and her family play a major role in the Story Route. She learned the Kawakami Style Martial Arts from the former Kawakami Temple Assistant Master, Gyobu Shakadou and like her siblings, she learns the moves quickly.

During her life, she and her siblings have often feuded with the Kazama Family as they share the same style. Her strong feelings for Yamato Naoe has also caused conflict between them, especially with Shiina Miyako and Kawakami Momoyo.

In the Tsubame Route of the sequel Majikoi S, she becomes friends with Musashibou Benkei due to their similar life styles when they joined the Young Lions Tournament in Matsunaga Tsubame's route.


Tatsuko is often seen with her eyes close which usually indicates she is sleeping or in a good mood, though she does rarely open them when exceptionally happy or enraged. Her eyes are a deep green when opened and she has mid length light blue hair. She is very tall and has one of the largest bust sizes in the series, second only to Momoyo.


Among the Itagaki Siblings, Tatsuko is a gentle, yet laid back girl who is very easygoing. She is deeply in love with Yamato Naoe and is very loyal and loving to her family, to the point of fiercely defending them if necessary. Her love for Yamato is so strong, she attacked her brother Ryuhei when he was messing with him.

She is also a very heavy sleeper, falling asleep almost anywhere. This is how she originally met Yamato when she joined him for a nap near Tama river during the Common Route of the original Majikoi! Visual Novel.

Tatsuko can be serious when her hidden power is unleashed, which is usually symbolized when she fully opens her eyes which give off a glow similar to Momoyo, while releasing an almost primal scream.

Abilities and Skills

Tatsuko is able to sleep even while she is standing or sitting.

Monstrous Strength: She is also known to have incredible strength, which makes her capable of ripping out a bus stop sign out of the ground with just one arm. She has high stamina and durability, making her able to take almost any blow and get right back up without any discernible pain or difficulty. According to her elder sister Ami, Tatsuko's power would be enough to even rival Momoyo's power, making her a formidable powerhouse of The Itagaki Siblings. This is proven when she defeats both Chris and Kazuko in one blow, easily deflects Miyako's arrows, and goes toe to toe with Momoyo herself (both in the anime and in the novel, though, in the novel, Momoyo easily counters her since she lack other skills she has). Tatsuko is also a quick learner, learning double lariat with Benkei for the tournament in Tsubame route. She is also very tough, although getting beaten around by Luo Haou (who's physical strength is even stronger than Momoyo), she was still able to remain standing in the end.

Though despite having such strength, she is somewhat lacking in terms of tactics and planning, leaving her to be easily defeated by Tsubame.


Tatsuko vs

Tatsuko vs. Shishin (Majikoi S)-0


  • Among the Itagaki Siblings, she is also a twin sister to her brother, Ryuhei Itagaki.
  • Tatsuko often uses a bus stop sign pole as her main weapon.
  • Despite Tatsuko being an antagonist in the Majikoi! series, she is a selectable heroine in the sequel Majikoi! S and is often rivaled with Momoyo and Miyako since she too has strong affections towards Yamato.
  • Like her siblings, Tatsuko is one of the few outsiders to learn Kawakami Style Martial Arts under Shakadou.
  • In the original Majikoi! popularity poll, of the female characters, she was ranked #7.
  • In the Skit mode, she is one of the current Big Four along with Momoyo, Tsubame and Yukie. Ranking 2 in arm wrestling, 4th in speed.
  • She is stated by a lot of people to be a genius and will shine if her skills are polished. Meaning she still hasn't finish her training.
  • She is considered to be even more dangerous when she is easily angered.
  • She is the 2nd tallest female characters throughout the series.