The Itagaki Siblings (板垣兄弟) are the students under the former Kawakami Temple Assistant Master, Shakadou Gyobu. They often work with him as hired mercenaries/smugglers in the anime adaption of Majikoi. They also do various jobs in a similar vein like the Kazama Family. Though unlike them, they'll take on dirty and illegal jobs, taking on anyone who gets in their way.


Little is known about the siblings, but they are infamous in the Oyafukou Street district of Kawakami City, which is where the gangs, hoodlums and criminals reside. The siblings learned the Kawakami Style Martial Arts from the banished Kawakami Temple Assistant Master, Shakadou. Under his wing, they managed to learn and adapt to the style quickly. Impressed with their growth, Shakadou decided to become their guardian to support the siblings.

Since then, the Itagaki Siblings and Shakadou work various jobs, including crimes in order to make their living. The siblings also have a strong feud with The Kazama Family not only because they both share the same styles, but also due to their different goals.


Main Members

Itagaki Family Eldest Daughter, Itagaki Ami

Ami majikoi

Eldest daughter, Ami

Itagaki Family Second Daughter, Itagaki Tatsuko

Tatsuko majikoi

Second daughter, Tatsuko

Itagaki Family Eldest Son, Itagaki Ryuhei


Eldest son, Ryuhei

Itagaki Family Third Daughter, Itagaki Angel


Third daughter, Angel (Enjeru in Hiragana Kanji).

  • Angel Itagaki- The third daughter and the youngest of the siblings.

Non Members


Shakadou, a man who is responsible for teaching the Kawakami Style Martial Arts to the Itagaki Siblings.

  • Shakadou- Mentor and guardian to the Itagaki Siblings, who is also a former Kawakami Temple Assistant Master.




  • Among all the siblings, Ryuhei is the only male member of the Itagaki Siblings.
  • It is revealed that the siblings have parents, although their location and status are unknown since they live alone, with Shakadou taking the role of their guardian.
  • The Itagaki Siblings are one of the few people whom learn the Kawakami Style Martial Arts under Shakadou, which in irony also the former Kawakami Martial Arts mentor whom banished due to his different philosophy about the usage of the martial arts.
  • In the anime, the Itagaki Siblings and Shakadou were hired by Takae Tachibana as her support to wreak chaos towards Japan.