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Tsubone Kuki (九鬼 局)


Tsubone Kuki


Species: Human
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: January 5
Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5'25"

Place of Origin: Japan
Occupation: Housewife

Tsubone Kuki (九鬼 局) is a fictional character in Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai! S, Tsubone is the matriarch of the Kuki family.

Tsubone Kuki (九鬼 局) is a new character introduced in Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai! S. She is the matriarch of the Kuki family and Kuki group. She is also known as "The Wife of Emperor Kuki." Tsubone is the biological mother of Ageha Kuki and Hideo Kuki and is the stepmother of Monshiro Kuki. She raised her three children and taught them to know the honor and pride of the Kuki family. Tsubone taught the children she raised to live by the code of their family of being "born to rule others."

Tsubone has made all her children to attend to Kawakami Academy to polish their skills. She also designated the personal butlers and maid to their children. To Ageha, who was the most independent, clever and strongest of the three, she designated Kojurou Takeda, to help her relax sometimes and not be always too serious.

To Hideo, who lacks a little of common sense and still needs to polish his skills, she designated Azumi Oshitari, the best maid of the Kuki group. Though for Monshiro, who has wisdom but lacks in strength, she designated an entire squad along with her and her husband's personal servant, Hyumu Hellsing to protect her.


Tsubone has red eyes and long ash colored hair. Tsubone ties her hair like the classic Japanese woman and wears a high class kimono. Tsubone has a scar in form of a an X on her forehead, like any others in the Kuki family. She has white skin.


Tsubone can be strict and harsh  with her children, but she also cares a lot for them because it is for their sake to grow and be their own person.She wants them to succeed in their "destiny," which is to rule the world and provide happiness to everyone. She is terrifying when angered  to the point where even Hume is uneasy  .



  • Tsubone keeps a modified GPS that can track Mikado's whereabouts wherever he goes due to his randomness